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Sensory Impairment

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Our older generations in the UK are the highest sufferers of sensory impairment for the loss of sight and hearing.

Sensory impairment will often lead to isolation and feelings of frustration which may then bring about anxiety and depression. At Eden Rose we pride ourselves on the fact that we have a rounded approach to our planning and delivery to our sensory impairment clients plus we believe our carers have a genuine empathy for our clients, the issues they have with the loss of a sense.

Below are some of the steps our carers employ to improve the quality of life for customers living with sensory impairment:

Loss of Sight

We encourage our clients to visit the opticians on a regular basis and with many of the high street opticians offering free eye tests it won't cost them anything. Our carers are trained to always be risk assessing their client's surroundings checking for loose wires and/or carpets, any clutter or anything that can cause a hazard in the home, offering up solutions for change in the client's safety.

Our carers will make the most of the natural environmental factors which may impact on the client's sight, opting always to increase the levels of natural light in the home . Our carer can assist in advising the best appliances in the home which will assist in the loss of sight including appliances with raised markings controls, clocks with high contrast faces and telephones with clearly marked and defined buttons.

Hearing loss

Our carers have high levels of communication skills to enable them look after clients without full hearing capacity remaining empathetic and patient to their frustrations. Our requirement with our carers is for them to talk to the clients face-on allowing them to read their lip movements, gestures and facial expressions.

Our carers will ensure that the client has knowledge of all the options for hearing loss available on the market, as well as every-day items such as specialist door bells and smoke alarms that use strobe lights and vibration pads to gain your attention.

For more information about sensory impairment please visit RNID
  • Permanent and temporary staff to all our clients who are:
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  • Live-in care
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  • Sensory Impairment Care
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Live-in care

Providing Live in Care for the Elderly and Disabled. Eden Rose will find you a little extra help at home for the disabled and elderly people. We offer hourly or live in care ensuring we match you to a suitable carer to help you.

Assessments of live-in care

At Eden Rose we provide risk assessments forming an integral occupational and HSE plan following legal guidelines providing clear guidance and information keeping our clients safe, free of danger, harm and accidents.

Sensory Impairment Care

Our older generations in the UK are the highest sufferers of sensory impairment for the loss of sight and hearing. Sensory impairment will often lead to isolation and feelings of frustration which may then bring about anxiety and depression.

Young Adult and Child Care

To care for a child or young person with disabilities can put a huge strain on your everyday life. At Eden Rose we have packages which allow you flexibility and respite ensuring that your young person and child are fully catered for.


Chantal has been in our lives since February 2020, before that I had many disputes with care companies due to lack and quality of care. I can go to work knowing that my parents are both well looked after and most importantly safe!
My mums stroke caused brain damage and she needs extra time to get her words outs, and sometimes says the wrong thing but Chantal also gives her the time to get her voice across.
Chantal has helped with the monitoring of conditions for both my dad and mum. Alongside helping me on a personal basis by being there, listening to me, going to the shop for basics if I’ve run out and need it urgently.
To some people being a carers is money, to Chantal it is her job and she is brilliant at it. From the exceptional personal care she provides to the honest, chatty, funny and loyal person she is.
Chantal has provided a range of services to helping support my mother with brain damage. To also providing physiotherapy, massages for my dad with aches and pains due to his mind.
I wouldn’t have it any other way. Chantal is the most effective carer I could ask for my parents and I’m lucky to have found her!
Chantal Jackson.. whatever care agency she goes I will always try to allocate my parents to that company. My parents are both disabled, my mum with a stroke causing right sided weakness and brain damage and my dad with motor neurone disease and Parkinson’s with a limited life expectancy.
Due to my dad’s mnd his speech is deteriorating and it’s hard to understand him. Chantal gives him time and encourage and allows him to use his voice, which not everyone does, she lets him be heard!


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